Thursday, April 30, 2009


59 Days to go...

Hi, Little One...
Did you think I forgot about you??

I know - it's a late post today but rest assured you were not forgotten.

I had a busy day today with your Aunt Shauna, went to Whole Foods to make dinner for your Abuelo and Abuela, and then I got home and felt very, very, very tired.

I decided to lay down and then woke up with Daddy walking into the bedroom. I had been asleep for about an hour and a half. I am praying that you're just hitting a growth spurt and that's what's taken all my energy and that I'm not coming down with something.

I have so much I want to write about, Sweet Girl, but Mommy is tired today.

I'll leave you with this. I think I'm starting to get what motherhood is about. Even when you're at the peak of exhaustion and you're so tired that you can barely keep your eyes open - you realize there is someone depending on you to be there. Yes - it is silly that I felt that I needed to get up out of bed and get on the computer to write to you. But, in my heart, it's a promise I made to you to write and chronicle our 100 days til you arrive and I wasn't going to break that promise just because I was tired.

I see that as a itty bitty piece of mom's must feel all over the world...knowing that someone is constantly needing them in whatever capacity. What a huge job but also - a really great feeling.

So, Baby girl, keep on growing and if it's you that's making me so tired...I will gladly let you zap every piece of energy I have to make sure you're getting bigger and staying healthy.

Love you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


60 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

I dream about how you look like all the time. One time I had a dream that you were freakishly long and skinny. Another time I had a dream that you were really, really white - like no Asian at all...weird.

Since you're half me and half Daddy - it's hard to say what physical attributes I want you to have.

But, I do want you to have Daddy's height (at least some of it) - I'm kind of short so if you can get that - that would be awesome. Daddy has a killer smile and really pretty eyes - so take those too! I have pretty great hair and a petite frame - so consider taking those.

Daddy has weird hands - he is double jointed - so take my normal hands :-)

But he has a really great metabolism and is built really well - so be small boned, tall and athletically built.

He had a bad overbite as a kid - so you can take my bone structure too if you like. But, take his eyes - they're a pretty hazely, brownish color.

He doesn't have any hair on his head but hair all over his body - so maybe you'll get that part of me that only has to shave my legs once a month!

Really - I think you're going to be super, duper cute no matter what! It's fun to try to picture what you'll look like and who you'll look like. Daddy is sweet and says he wants you to look like me :-)

But, I think you have the same bone structure as him in the face based on your sonograms.
Your profile at 30 wks

My DIY sonogram of Daddy's profile

I guess I only have 60 more days to find out what your sweet face looks like - but for now - keep growing Sweet Baby!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


61 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

You know how much I love you. I really hope you know that no matter how much I complain to Daddy about being pregnant. I think I complain so much because it's so weird not having control over what's happening with my body. Although, it is amazing how my body compensates for having you a part of me.

But, I still have a hard time seeing my body change and a hard time not worrying that I'm not doing everything to make sure you're safe and developing into a normal healthy baby.

One thing I hope and pray for you, Little One is that Daddy and I raise you to be proud of how God made you and to cherish your body like the amazing creation it is. So many girls are hung up on image and are forced to make drastic measures to fit into the "ideal" image set forth my the media.

Of course, it doesn't help girls and women (even me) feel that we're expected to look a certain day in and day out. Now, I'm a huge proponent of taking care of your body by exercising and eating right. I love manicures and pedicures, make-up, and shopping for clothes. I don't think it's vain to want to be presentable.

But it's so important to look at yourself through the eyes of the Creator first - a beautiful, unique creation - and then look through His eyes into the mirror.

I'm going to do my best to set this example for you. I have struggled with self image in the past. But, once I found out I was having a daughter, I realized that all not only will you look at me as Mommy but as a role model.

Hopefully some of my good habits are getting passed down to you already. But, now is not the time to worry about those things - all you have to do is to keep on growing, Baby Girl!

Monday, April 27, 2009


62 Days to go...

Morning Little One!

We had another great doctor's appointment today. The specialist is pretty impressed that my blood pressure has been as good as it has been since you've arrived. I'm pretty impressed too - considering I've had high blood pressure for as long as I can remember - but as soon as you came along - BAM - nada!

Thanks, Baby Girl!

They didn't do measurements but will do them next week. So, I'm not sure how big you are. I'm pretty sure you're bigger than our last visit because my baby belly is getting rounder and larger. I think you'll be a big baby and maybe even come sooner than what the doctors think.

You did something else super cute today. You blinked at me! During the sonogram you were wide awake and extra squirmy. The tech stopped for minute on your sweet face and said "Look - there she is - she's looking right at you!"

And there you were, blinking away!

I did get tears in my eyes and I'm pretty sure I saw you roll your eyes at me ;-)

It's pretty funny how even now - those little things - like when you kick me (or as Daddy says - playing the base drum - he's pretty convinced you'll be the first female death metal drummer), hiccup and now just even something like blinking - how all these simple things just seem so amazing to me!

I am constantly reminded at how amazing our Creator is and how incredibly blessed I am to be trusted with you.

We visit our normal doctor tomorrow so rest up - I'm sure you'll be poked and prodded some more!

Daddy and I love you, Sweet Girl! Keep on growing!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


63 Days to go...

9 weeks left!!!

We're officially in single digit weeks, Little One!

Daddy and I were driving home from church today and we were talking about you - of course.

As usual, he was calm, cool and collected as I was neurotic and nervous.

I ask this question almost every day - "Can we really do this? Be parents?"

It's such a huge undertaking and I know that it's time for us - mainly because God blessed us with you. If He didn't think we could do this, I don't believe for a second He would have put you in my belly.

But, I was telling Daddy that it doesn't feel like I'm old enough to be a Mom.

I don't feel old enough to be almost 30 years old.

I don't feel old enough to have a mortgage, deal with life insurance, talk about 401Ks, or discuss the market.

I've grown up a lot since my teen years. Feel better in my skin than I have in long time, proud of what I've accomplished so far (but know I still have a lot I need to do), and have matured a little - ok a lot.

Yet, I don't feel like I'm old enough to be a Mom or old enough to even consider myself an adult.

I guess in some ways it's good.

I am old enough to know right from wrong and the consequences of breaking rules.

I am old enough to understand that having a child isn't just about popping out a kid - but actually giving birth to an eternal soul.

But, I'm not too old to forget what it's like to have your heart broken by the boy you like, to NOT watch CWTV, sing Kelly Clarkson while driving in my car, or to look forward to Santa coming Christmas morning.

So, I guess I'm just not old enough but just old enough to be a Mom - YOUR Mom - Sweet Baby.

For now, you're still too young to worry about being old - so just keep on growing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


64 Days to go....

Hi, Sweet Girl!

Daddy and I went to a birthing class today at the hospital you are going to be born at.

Since we expect you to be honest with us concerning everything in your life, I'm going to be honest with you.

The class was B.O.R.I.N.G.

Maybe it was because I had learned so much from my past schooling and Daddy was fidgety - but - we were kind of over it around an hour into the class.

Daddy is freaked out with old school videos and the ones they showed were very early 90's. I don't understand why he doesn't like them, but they creep him out.

Now, I will admit I did get a bit teary eyed when the baby finally came out - but - even with my background and the little exposure I've had in medicine - the whole birthing thing - kinda gross.

Since I have some blood pressure issues, I'm not sure what our doctor is going to do - he may let me labor or not at all - but one thing we agree on - is that we want to do what's best for us both.

I'm going to pack our bag for the hospital this week and do my best to finish your nursery.

We still have a lot to do before you officially join us in 64 days.

For now, your only job is to keep on growing! We love you so much!

Friday, April 24, 2009


65 Days to go....

Good morning, Little One!

First, let me tell you how loved you are and how blessed our family is to have people in our lives that really love and pray for us. It's important that not only do we ask people to pray and remember to pray but to thank those for the prayers and thank God for answering prayers (no matter what His answer is). So, thanks blog readers for your emails, phone calls, and comments. And no worries, seriously, everything is going to work out according to His plan.

Last night we had a great time! I had never really felt big and pregnant until last night. We went to the Mavericks game with Tatay and Nana. Daddy and I LOVE those Mavs and feel so blessed that they always take us to games. We really loved it since they whooped the Spurs in game 3 of the playoffs!Tatay and Nana - not sure what she's looking at

I'm having hot flashes so I felt really woozy and uncomfortable. Everything seemed magnified - the sounds were louder, lights were brighter, people more annoying...
Us - he's such a hottie!

We had awesome seats - about 10 rows up behind the Mavs bench. So, I got to see my boyfriend, er, Dirk - up close and personal. He looked at me, smiled, and saw my baby belly and said to himself, "Guten Tag - I will win this game for you my Asian princess. Yah!"
I am SURE of it!

Daddy got to see his man crush too - Jet was on the runway - and took awhile to take off but he did his job and scored us some points.
Mavs strategy huddle

I also saw a side of Daddy I hadn't seen. He seemed more protective of the both of us. More so than normal. It was very sweet. We also bought your first piece of Mavs gear.
Overall - it was a GREAT night!

So - keep growing Sweet Girl - get ready for a big game on Saturday!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


66 Days to go...

Hi, Little One!

One thing you'll grow up knowing is that you live in pretty great state! I don't know what it is, but us Texans LOVE this state. There's so much pride for the Lone Star State that most Texans are proud to show.


Yes...there's a "but"

It gets so dang hot here!

It's only April and it's already in the 80's- low 90s here. Now, I am thankful you're coming in June so that I get to skip the hottest part of the summer.

With the joys of pregnancy (other than knowing that I am growing YOU, Sweet Girl), I have been getting hot flashes. Now, I had never experienced this before, so it's still a strange feeling to all of a sudden feel like my entire body is on fire from the inside out and nothing can fix this.

We were trying our best to wait and turn on the A/C until late May, but we had to turn it on last night. I couldn't handle the house being over 78 degrees...oh's going to be a hot summer!

But, one thing that I'm looking forward to, is swimming at Tatay and Nana's house! They have a very nice pool and Tatay has already cleaned the pool for all the grandkids to enjoy.

What's even better is that you'll be styling in your first ever swimsuit. SO dang cute! I wanted to put you in a cute two piece...but...Daddy has imposed one of his rules....which I call "Daddy Laws" and that's no bikini's for you....

No matter what, we'll have tons of fun! Love you, Sweet Baby....keep on GROWING!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


67 Days to go...

Hi, Baby Girl... has been an interesting day.

Without being too cryptic, it seems as if you, me and Daddy have some tough decisions to make regarding our future.

So, if you're a blog reader - I just ask that you pray for me and for our family as we have some choices to make.

I am thankful, for you and Daddy, and that you're still growing and kicking away.

It's amazing how every important decision is magnified when you bring a new life into this world.

I love you, Little One....keep on growing!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


68 Days to go...

Morning, Baby Girl!

You had a pretty bad case of the hiccups last night :-( Poor thing, but, I couldn't help but smile every time my belly moved when you hiccuped...I thought it was really cute!

We visited our specialist yesterday and so far everything still looks so good. We'll be seeing the doctor every week until you become an outside baby :-)

My blood pressure was still good (thank God), you had a strong heart beat (137 BPM), your little feet and hands were moving around (I like to think you were "jumping" up and down trying to say hi to me!), and the cutest thing - you were either chewing or sucking on something - and I saw your little face move. You have the sweetest little lips - and there you were - smacking away!
Your fluid levels were good, too. So, I feel really blessed that everything is going well so far.

I gained 2 lbs in a week. Normally, I would allow vanity to take over and freak out - but now my doctor and I are concerned with the weight gain because it could mean by body is trying to retain water which could be dangerous for my blood pressure. So, I was told to "take it easy" and we'll monitor my weight every visit. I'm just going to continue to eat well, walk and try to not be the worry wart that I am.

I want to be healthy for you and Daddy - so I'm going to do my just keep on growing, Little One!

It's you, Baby Girl!!!
week 30

Monday, April 20, 2009


69 Days to go....

Morning, Little One!

Just wanted to tell you I love you this morning. You're a rock star!!!

Now, I feel like it's my duty to discuss something with you that is near and dear to my heart. It's a matter that I feel is essential for every woman to know about and is critical for the happiness and well being of all women.

And that my Sweet Girl's Night Out...

Yes. It's that big of a deal. To have nights out without boyfriends, boys who are just friends, fiancees and hubbies is oh so important when you get older.

I've already talked with you about the importance of women friends.
But I don't think we've talked about the importance of girls ONLY time.

A couple of weeks ago I had dinner with your Aunt Cass and Aunt Ashley. It wasn't a huge ordeal - just a few ladies heading down to the local Cheddar's and gabbing over chicken strips, spasgana and salads. But, it was a time I really needed. I needed to be around girls whom I've known for over 10-15 years and just be me.

This past weekend, we went to a bachelorette party for Andrea. Remember her? You showed off and gave her a sweet kick at Silvana's baby shower. She's marrying Scott - one of Daddy's best friends. (I DO take a little credit for their meeting...Daddy said I pestered Scott into coming to church with us and finally he caved - probably to stop me from always hounding him to go....but really....God gets the credit for bringing these two love birds together!)

Anyways, the ladies who could have a cocktail...or two...or three...went to a wine bar before dinner. But, you and I just headed to Cuba Libre for a fun dinner. Now, since it was a bachelorette party - there were NO BOYS ALLOWED! It was an awesome time!
me and Andrea

The girls
Girls' nights are so important. It's a chance to be yourself, to vent about the boy in your life, to gush about the sweet things he's done, to talk about - ahem - women things, to laugh until your sides hurt - all great things that can only happen around other women. I pray you'll be blessed like me to have groups of women in your life where you'll get to have these fun moments with.
You'll find yourself cherishing every second away for your man to just be you....but you'll also find yourself missing the boy you can't wait to get home to.

Your life is going to be so much fun to watch and I can't wait to meet you to see it all unfold. But, for now, keep growing Sweet Baby!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


70 Days to go...

Hi Little One...

Holy cow....30 weeks left...when did this happen??? It just seems like yesterday when I found out you were going to be joining Daddy and I. Time flies...

I'm proud of us, sweet girl, we made it through the night. I know how anxious we both were and didn't sleep at all but aren't we lucky we have such great guard dogs!

I think you liked it as much as I did every time I had to use the bathroom (which was about 4 times last night), your Big Brother Keiser would follow us into the bathroom and lay down on the tile until I was done. By the way, my entire ute is available for your comfort - not just the area right on top of my feel free to use as much space as you have 70 days until I officially have to evict you...

Oh...Daddy just got home from his weekend of debauchery!!!!! Gotta go give him kisses and tell him about our weekend!

Love you Little One...keep on growing!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


71 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

Daddy is going out of town this morning.

This makes me sad. Yes, I know it's just over night, but I hate it when he leaves us.

He's going to a bachelor party to party it up....haha...we were in bed at 10 pm last night....let's see how long he lasts!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us. The weather isn't very nice so we're having to skip the walk. But that's ok, we raised money for a very worthy cause regardless.

We have a bachelorette party to go to tonight. I'll be drinking a Shirley Temple on the Rocks, please with an extra shot of Grenadine and extra cherries!!

We're going to do a lot of baking and cleaning. When you finally get here, I am going to have to let go of some of my neurotic tendencies.

Yes - I know I probably won't have time to scrub the base boards, clean and condition the leather sofas, wash the windows, dust the picture frames and blinds...but now...I can.

And as sick as this sounds, I LOVE nothing more than having a clean house. The smell of cleaning supplies, shiny countertops, spotless mirrors, seeing the vacuum canister full of dog hair/dirt/dust,'s awesome!!!

I'll stop myself from ironing the sheets and duvet cover...even I think that's ridiculous (ok - not really but Daddy says it's crazy).

Some baby books call this nesting. If this is nesting, I've been nesting for 5 years.

For now, I'll clean until my hearts content to make sure our home is spic and span for your arrival.

But, when you get here...well...Daddy can take care of it all.

Love you, Little One! Keep growing!

Friday, April 17, 2009


72 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

Last night Daddy and I watched "The Terminator."

Now, this was his idea because we're getting revved up to watch the new "Terminator Salvation" in May.

This just shows you how different we are. I am re-reading "Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince" because the movie is coming out in July. To say I am excited, well, that's an understatement.

Yes - you're getting ready to join a family that loves robots and wizards. I know you're thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?!?"

But, think about it like this. Daddy and I are so different, that we'll be able to introduce you to so many different things. Our differences work and it makes for a fun household.

We also see our differences as a way to show you how important it is to have your own likes and dislikes. You don't have like the same things your future boyfriends and even friends like. You just have to respect what they do enjoy and enjoy those things with them because relationships are all about compromise. Of course you'll gravitate to those that have most in common with but....

What's most important to have in common are your beliefs and morals. If you have those core things in common with those in your life, everything else like hobbies, likes, dislikes, won't matter - because you'll love those people - thus end up loving what they love and it won't matter to you if you're talking about how machines are going to take over the world or if Lord Voldemort is going to return!

One thing Daddy and I do have in common - is that we love you so much! Keep growing, Sweet Baby.

images from Wikipedia

Thursday, April 16, 2009


73 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

Your Daddy told me a joke last night at dinner.

D: "What did one casket say to the other casket?"

Me: "What?"

D: "Is that you coffin'?!?"

I laughed and laughed and laughed. Yup, I have that kind of sense of humor. I am a sucker for a good pun and I love corny jokes.

Daddy doesn't always get my sense of humor, but he just looks at me and laughs anyways.

That's the kind of house you're being brought into. One of lots of laughter filled with lots of love. I love that Daddy and I can still laugh at each other and with each other after all these years. We joke around (one time he tried to act all dramatic but it actually scared me that I fell down - he felt bad about that...) a lot and I don't think a day goes by that we don't laugh about something going on.

There's nothing like a good belly laugh - the kind where you're laughing so hard that tears are coming out of your eyes. Those are the best - and you - sweet Baby - will get to experience that when you meet your Daddy and I. Granted, we'll have some major adjustments when you get here and we'll have our moments of frustration and anger, BUT, we promise to make sure we fill your home with tons of laughter!

Keep growing, Little One!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


74 Days to go...

You're a ninja, Little One.

I've decided you're going to have a huge career as either a professional ninja or a Rockette. can KICK!

Something I hope for you....that you love to cook like me.

I picture us in the kitchen - you on a stool at the island and me directing you on how to mix cake batter while you secretly stick your little, pudgy hands in the mix and take samples.

I can see you in your little apron, trying to measure out flour, but the flour goes everywhere and all of a sudden there's a sea of white!!

I can see your sweet face smudged with brownie batter and your hair full of chocolate.

I can see you run up to your Daddy with a tray of goodies that YOU made.

I love knowing that I get to share my love of cooking and baking with you - my daughter!

I love that my passion for being in the kitchen is going to be passed down to you.

I can't wait for those moments - but for now - sweet Baby - keep on growing!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


75 Days to go....

Hi Sweet Little One....

I think you're hitting a growth spurt because I've been extra tired lately. I'm known as a morning person. I love nothing more than getting up around 6am and starting my day. I love having lists of things to do and checking off what needs to get done. But lately, I've been very, very tired. I think it's God's way of making me sleep and rest before you get here since you'll keep me busy and sleep-deprived once you get here. So, for tiredness - thank God!

This past weekend, we hosted a baby shower for one of your future boyfriends. The Millers are having a baby boy for you! They are due June 22 - so a few days before you're supposed to arrive.
Stacy, Me, Mel, Silvana, Heather and Andrea

It was a lot of fun. I laughed a lot - much to the expense of my "pregnant" brain. I'm normally pretty quick but I had to really think about the questions people were asking me. But, it was still tons of fun.
Baby carriage I made - cute, huh?

I think what's great is that I was surrounded by women where most of them are moms already. They were able to share stories, offer advice, and really offer support for Silvana and I. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and know that they'll get plenty of calls when you get here.

Silvana and I would look at each other during the shower and give each other the "oh my God, what have we gotten ourselves into and who in the world is trusting us with a human life" look. But, we'll both do our best to be the best parents.

Oh sweet Baby, it's going to be an adventure. Keep growing! Daddy and I love you!
Me and Andrea
Heather, Allie and Charleigh

Silvana and Me
Meredith and your BFF Charleigh

Monday, April 13, 2009


76 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

We had another visit to our specialist today. It went great! My blood pressure is good and doctor says you're growing well. You're over 3 lbs and we still have 10 weeks to go - at this rate you'll probably be a little over 7 lbs. I just can't believe how much you're growing.

Did you know that I have terrible allergies, bad blood pressure, and all sorts of stomach problems? Well, I do - or DID - before you came along.

Since I've been pregnant, my blood pressure has normalized, my allergies are not nearly as unbearable as they had been in the past and my stomach - well - beside the reflux - has been pretty good. You're my cure all for all my ailments - thanks Baby!

Daddy and I have already discussed that we hope you get his side of the family's health. They don't have hardly anything wrong - unlike your Mommy's side - which has allergies, blood pressure issues, thyroid problems, name it - we have it! But, for now, we're just glad the doctor says you are growing well. So, keep growing and stay healthy. We love you!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


77 Days to go...

Happy Easter, Little One!

What a great day today is! Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is my God who is LIVING! He lived a perfect life and died for our sins - then rose again from the dead - to be a living God whom I can always call upon and know that He gets me - because He lived a human life.

Easter has different meaning to me today. I have always been so amazed at the sacrifice Jesus made for mankind. But now that I'm getting ready to be a parent, the sacrifice and absolute SELFLESS act of letting your child die for the sake of others - now - that's beyond me.

But, that's exactly what God the Father has done. He blessed Mary - the mother of Jesus - to carry His only Son. Mary knew that this miraculous child would eventually die for the sake of our sins. Yet, she did nothing but live her life God's glory.

A Father and Mary the mother of Jesus - gave up their child - for me, for you, for Daddy, for anyone who accepts Jesus into their hearts.

It is so humbling and I am so grateful for His sacrifice.

So today, I rejoice for RESURRECTION of Jesus! What a wonderful day and wonderful God we serve.

Keep growing Little One - we love you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

#78 - from Daddy

Hi Baby,

78 days to go, to mirror post 79 from your mom, let's go over the year 1978! I was born on February 26, 1978 and here are some events/people from 1978.

The Bee Gee's were one of the most popular bands. They had hits like "Night Fever and Stayin' Alive."

The Cowboys won the superbowl XII vs the Denver Broncos and I know for sure they'll win it again this year!

Garfield the Cat was first published in 1978!

Who knows what will be happening in 31 years? Just know that we love you, and yes in 31 years I think maybe just maybe you can go on a date

Friday, April 10, 2009


79 Days to go...

Time is flying, Baby Girl!

Did you know I was born in 1979?? I know - I'm ancient and I'll older seem older and more uncool the older you get. But for now, we're best buds!

Time has changed so much and will continue to change as you grow.

Here's what the biggest events of '79 were:

Sony introduces the Walkman

Cost of a gallon of Gas 86 cents

Average Cost of new house $58,100.00

United States President Jimmy Carter

Movies of 1979:
Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Today - well - things have changed quite a bit

Biggest music medium - iPhone - you can listen to music, talk on the phone, search the internet, fax, play games....
Average cost of gas $2.25 gal

Average home costs (in TX) in 2009 - $147,000

President Barack Obama

A movie coming out in 2009 - Star Trek!

Can you imagine how things will be when you're 30? By that time, you'll probably already have your Bachelor's degree, Master's Degree, and PhD or M.D. And at 30, Daddy will PROBABLY start letting you date...but we'll see.

I love you, Little One and know that no matter where time takes us...Daddy and my love for you..TIMELESS (yes...even I think this is cheesy).

*Pics from Wikipedia and People's*

Thursday, April 9, 2009


80 Days to go....

Hi, Sweet Baby!

Your Tatay and Nana came over last night to help Daddy with your room.

Daddy is pretty fantastic and he's not one of those guys that won't ask for help if he knows he needs it. So, there were some "projects" to be done in your room so we needed Tatay to come over and help.

Since they came over, I made dinner. Normally, Daddy and I eat lots of Mexican food, Italian food, and some American food here and there. I rarely make Filipino food - probably because I can't make it as good as Tatay's food. But, since they were coming, I thought I'd try my best to make something.

I grilled a whole fish and made this beef soup with cabbage and potatoes. We ate it with rice...and I have to was pretty good - even Daddy liked it!

I guess you can say that we'll be a "mixed" family. I really hate that term because I don't see me or Daddy as different. I only see the man I love. But, reality is, you're going to be a beautiful blend of Filipino (me) and English/German/some other European descent that Daddy is unware about. I want you to know the Filipino culture, the AMAZING food (which you'll get tons of at Tatay's house), and the traditions your Tita's and I were raised with.

When you get older, I'll have you watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." It's a pretty good depiction of my family and Daddy's small family. My side of the family is filled with Titas, Uncles, Cousins galore that are laugh a lot, talk loud and talk often, and eat and eat and eat.

While Daddy's side is pretty much just him, Abuelo and Abuela and his brother, your Aunt Sue and cousins Paige and Levi...but that's it for them.

You'll get introduced to both and I know will love both mine and Daddy's family!

For now, keep growing Little One - we love you!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


81 Days to go...

Morning, Little One!

I had lunch with one of your boyfriends yesterday and his Mommy.

Luke and Adeline met us for lunch and we sat and talked for two hours. You know what the sign of a good lunch date is? When both of us ended up crying at some point during our lunch date.

She talked about how fast Luke is growing up and much she loves being at home with him.

I watched her talk about Luke and care for him during our lunch and as always the fear of being a good mother set in.

More than anything, Little One, I want you to be healthy. I want to feel you kick everyday, I want to hear your sweet, strong heart beat when I listen to it on the monitor, I want to see that you've grown and that all your body are body parts are developing the right way, I want to take care of myself so that I can be the best place for you to grow until you're ready to join Daddy and I, I want to hear your cries when we first meet you, see all your fingers and toes, look into your eyes, and kiss your perfect face.

Mom's out there get this...they understand all these feelings I'm having but for me - I am sure they are just escalated. Sometimes I hate that I have the knowledge that I have (thanks a LOT medical school) because I know what can go wrong, does go wrong, and may go wrong during the pregnancy and delivery. Ignorance is bliss...and I can attest to that.

As I laid in bed last night, and as usual, I was up most of the night - I laid there afraid of all the things that could go wrong and might go wrong. I worried about being a good mom, worried about how being a parent is going to affect Daddy and I, and worried about all the little details - getting your room together, making sure we have all that you need...

Every morning I have quiet time. I've done this since I went to medical school and because I was in Dominica, this has been practice of mine for the past two years. I journal and have my daily conversation with God. I talk to Him through my words that I write and through the thoughts I have in my heart and in my head. I thank Him for the blessing and trials He's put in my life, ask for forgiveness for any and all that I've done wrong, and pray, pray, pray....

Then, I open up the Bible and let Him talk to me. Sometimes I read the Word and have to really study it to understand what He's saying to me. But today, His message to me was pretty clear cut.

"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me." John 14:1

Talk about a swift kick in the __________.

I am a worrier about any and all things and God needs me to STOP....seriously...STOP and trust in Him. For someone like me that likes to control everything, I needed this reminder that I don't control anything - even your growth, your health and your happiness, Sweet Baby.

So, I thanked God for speaking to me yet again. There is no one that I can trust more with Daddy's life, my life, and your life. And, aren't we so blessed that we have a God that takes on that responsibility for willingly and lovingly.

I thanked Him again for all the blessings and I thanked Him AGAIN for one my best blessings - YOU!

Keep growing, Sweet Baby!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


82 Days to go...

Do you know how loved you already are Little One?

Ok - now you know that Daddy and I are hopelessly in-love with you. And you know that your Tatay, Nana, Abuelo and Abuela, Tita's, Uncles, cousins - you know all these people love you...

But, did you know that my friends love you too?!?

So many have said how excited they are to meet you.

Some of them are throwing a party for you already to shower you with gifts - and they've never even met you!

Talk about love...

I get emails and phone calls asking how you're doing.

Talk about love...

Aunt Cassidy already bought you a onesie - a cute hot pink number with "Drama Queen" scrolled on the front.

Talk about love...

Now here's something impressive. One of Daddy's agents bought you a TON of stuff. I've never met her and Daddy only works with her every now and then. She works all the way in Las Vegas and she only comes down to Dallas every few months.

Daddy came home last week and came home with all of this.

You are something special, Little One. And complete strangers KNOW it!

Talk about love...

Monday, April 6, 2009


83 Days to go...

We had a great time in Lubbock, Little One. We visited your Tita Candice, Uncle John Mark and your cousins Garrett and Maddie.

We had a jam packed day on Saturday of sports. Soccer for Maddie in the morning and baseball in the afternoon for Garrett - all in 64 MPH winds!

Maddie's team won in the last quarter....the wind helped quite a bit!

Maddie and me

Maddie getting ready for the game to start - so cute!

Garrett's team was up 9-3 and needed one more out in the 5th inning (they only play 5 innings). Garrett was playing pitcher - which in machine pitch - pretty much means you stand at the pitcher's mound and wherever the ball gets hit - the players would normally throw to him and then he'd throw to whatever base the runner was going to to get an out. In a wild throw to him, the ball hit him in the knee and he went down. It was scary at first and had to get carried off the field. He went back into the game as short stop after the tears were dried. But, the other team took advantage of the Garrett being out (he IS their BEST player of course - but I'm not bias or anything) and came back to tie the game 9-9.
Garrett on the pitcher's mound
He hit a single and eventually went on to score!

It gave Daddy and I a glimpse of what our future will be like when you get older and start to play sports, have dance classes/gymnastics, etc...It is going to be busy, busy, busy!

I wonder if you'll have Daddy's athletic ability? Will you have my sense of rhythm and awesome dancing ability :-) ?

Will you have the competitive drive like I do or more like Daddy who isn't as cut throat as me?
Daddy and I being silly

One thing's for sure - you'll be introduced to every sport we can think of. Our home is filled with sports year round. English soccer and basketball in the spring, baseball and some basketball in the spring and summer, and then Texas Tech football and Cowboys football in the fall!

What's so amazing - is that all of this is already determined. Your disposition, likes and dislikes have already been that's unbelievable!

Keep growing Little One! We love you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


84 Days to go...

We just got back from Lubbock and picked up your furniture, Little One.

Man....I am tired. We had our normal early morning kick session and you were extra squirmy all day. Unfortunately, we had a long drive back home this morning.

But, as usual, I just LOVE it when you do your kicks aka practice session for "Lord of the Dance" in my reminds me that you're growing bigger and bigger everyday.

Ok, Sweet Baby, that's all I have for today...just know that I love you so much!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

#85 - Guest post from Tita Candice

85 Days to go...Hello, sweet girl!!! You don't know how much I am looking forward to meeting you! Your big cousins, Garrett and Maddie, are counting down the days until we get to see you! Be ready to get lots of hugs and kisses from all of us. We live in Lubbock, Texas, but we will visit you so much that it will be like we live down the street from you, and . . . your Momma and Daddy are huge Texas Tech football fans, so you will definitely come visit us in Lubbock a whole bunch!! So, keep growing in Momma's tummy, and before you know it, you will get to meet all of us! We love you so much!! :-) Love, Tita Candice :-)

Friday, April 3, 2009


86 Days to go....

Little One - you, Daddy and I are on our way to Lubbock to pick up your baby furniture!

Your room is painted and ready for the furniture and finishing touches.

We'll be visiting your cousins Garrett and Maddie. Tatay and Nana are going too! It'll be a fun weekend watching Gare-Bear and Madd play baseball and soccer.

I remember when they were just babies and now they are all grown up.

Time flies....

Love you, Little One. Keep growing!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


87 days to go...

Did you know Little One it takes a lot of planning to become a parent these days?

My mom (your Nana) always says to me about her pregnancies, "All I remember was that I was pregnant and then a few months later, I gave birth."

Not your mommy!

I'm that person that likes to follow rules and is a stickler for doing things right the first time. When I first found out you were coming, I had to cut things from my diet - like Starbucks coffees (YUM) - mainly because of the caffeine but also because it is so dang expensive. I cut out sushi and have been logging all the things that upset my stomach so that I make sure to avoid them once I start breast feeding.

Daddy and I had to really think about our finances. We knew a college fund was essential for you so we're setting that up. But, then when we found out you were a girl, the first thing that popped into my head was "we have to pay for a wedding!" So, looking at all the expenses we have for you in the future - dance classes, cheerleading classes, soccer, your first car, the possibility of a sorority, etc - Daddy and I have to save, save, save! It's an overwhelming feeling at times but know that we want you to have all the things that were given to us by our parents.

When Daddy asked me to marry him, he asked your Tatay (my dad) and Nana for permission to marry me. After my parents said "yes," the only condition Tatay had for Craig was to make sure when WE have kids - that we provide for them just as they had provided for us.

Now that's a tall order because both mine and Daddy's parents have given us so much. So, we're doing our best now to save for our own future and for yours.

Realizing we were going to be parents forced us to grow up...or at least think about grown up things. Life insurance, wills and trusts, guardianships...the list goes on and on. But, it's a natural progression of life that we knew we'd one day want when we got pregnant - and now that you're coming so soon - we're now on that journey.

Being a parent, at least to us, is an important job. We feel privileged that God chose us for this awesome responsibility.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


88 Days to go...

Morning, sweet Baby!

We had another visit to the doctor yesterday. It went well and your heart beat sounded good!

We go to the specialist in 2 weeks and back to our normal doctor in 4 weeks...then after that...we'll see our doctor every 2 weeks.

It's going by so fast and it made me think about how fast time flies.

I remember being in Jr. High and couldn't wait to get to high school. Jr. High was fun but I was still chunky.
Mommy and her BF Shauna in 8th grade!

I remember 9th grade and feeling all grown up as the two Jr. High's merged and we met the kids from the other side of the tracks.

I then couldn't wait to get into high school - and get to the REAL high school - where the upperclassmen were.

High school was fun!
The upperclassman I liked - yup - that's your Daddy!

I loved high school and had a great experience. When, I got to high school, I couldn't wait to turn 16 so I could drive. Then, after that, I couldn't wait to be 18 so I could go off to college.

Me and Shauna at high school graduation

I went to college and couldn't wait to be 21 so I could "go out" legally (we'll talk about this when you get older).
Daddy and I - Freshman year at Texas Tech....ummm...I had one to many Kool-Aids

Then, I couldn't wait to graduate from college at 22 so I could get into the "real world."

Then, I was excited to get married...and then...everything from there is a blur.
Best. Day. Ever.

Life happens so fast. So much of my life, I've wished to get to the next part of it. Which now, looking back, is crazy because when I was IN the moment - I truly enjoyed every part of it.

For the first time in a long time, I want life to slow down. Don't get me wrong, Little One, I can't wait to meet you, hold you, love you...but I want to cherish each minute. I don't want to wish this time away so I could get to the next step. Right now, it's just me and you. Of course we have Daddy and the pups, but most of our days, its just the two of us. I get to feel you kick. I get to talk to you in my thoughts when you're sleeping silently in my belly. We have conversations all throughout the day - and it's just us.

I watch as Daddy writes to you, readies your room, works hard for the arrival of his new baby girl - and I try to capture every moment in my memory- because I know this time is limited before you get here.

Sweet Baby, I know you'll be just like me and be excited about the next step and the next part of your life as you live your day to day. I just want to remind you to cherish the present because one day you'll wake up and life will be happening all around you. Treasure each day, every second, and you'll see the amazing things God is doing in this moment.

What a blessing!

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