Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Beginnings

I didn't know what I was going to do.

I had this screaming thing, leaky breastesses, no sleep, and about 15 pounds of baby weight (maybe the pizza every day during my pregnancy WAS a bad idea) I had to lose...and a husband that had to work everyday, friends across the metroplex..

I was alone.

I was sad.

I was fat. F* the motherhood glow.

Then, I heard about this thing called Stroller Strides.

I decided to take a class and check it out.

I was nervous, my sweet baby girl was still so tiny, and I was forcing her to lounge in her car seat/stroller while I forced myself to work out and meet new people.

But, I did it. I visited the class, met great women, found other moms to network with and do life with.

And it was all thanks to Maggie.


The instructor with inspirational words. The mother who is no nonsense and isn't afraid to tell it like it is and open up her heart and show her weakness. The friend to everyone. A friend to me.

I'm not quite sure she truly understands what she did when she decided to build her franchise of SS and Luna Mom's club.

Did she realize she was creating a place where women could be encouraged to change their lives and their children's lives by showing them that fitness should be a priority in our everyday?

Did she realize she was helping set the foundation for women to build friendships based on motherhood but grow into a friendship that is so much more?

My life is so different now then almost 2 years ago when I first had Iz. And so much of who I am now is because of the women that surround me - the women I met in SS and Luna Moms.

As my friend moves on and the next chapter in her life unfolds, I hope she realizes that what she has built is so much more than a business. She changed lives.

You will be missed, Maggie.

All the best in your New Beginning!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

She Made Me

Sometimes I look at her and can't believe I made her.
That through love - this little human being was formed and made.

I carried her, shared heart beats, we were one for 9 months.
And then I finally heard her, saw her, held her.

It was at that moment - I realized...she made me.

She made me into a mother.

She gave me the title - without me having to earn it.

She gave me the responsibilities to nourish her mind, body and soul.

She caused my heart to grow to the ends of eternity.

She gives me laughter.

She gives me heartache.

She trusts me without asking me having to earn it.

She challenges me.

She made me grow up.

She makes me feel young.

She makes me feel vulnerable.

She makes me want to be a better me.

She made me.

Happy Mother's Day!

What a blessing!

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