Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hi people...Mommy is really busy at work making treats. But, she let me take over her blog today to tell my favorite guy Happy Birthday! -- Iz

I'm no longer a baby, Daddy, I'm growin' like you say.
I only wish I can give you the gift you want - today - your birthday.

You always ask me, "Can you stay little?"...and really I did try.
But, I just keep on growing - but let me tell you something - you're my special guy.

No matter how big I get, I'll remember all the times.
You read to me, sang to me, and made up silly rhymes.

Oh wait - I'll always love - how we play hide and seek and chase.
And the way you look when I pucker up to kiss you on your stubbly face.

I know I can be bad sometimes - climbing and falling off of chairs.
Even though you raise your voice sometimes - you still hug me - to show me that you care.

You make me yummy meals - pizza's my favorite of them all.
And, I hope you see I'm just like you - growing big and tall.

I know our nights can be a little lonely, with Mommy at work away.
But did you know I love the times - when it's just Daddy and me day?

When you let me color in your lap, read me books or sing my Elmo song....
You're really good at catching me - er - telling me when I've done something wrong.

Thanks for showing me how to pray - and that it's important to never forget.
To thank God for His blessings - no matter how tough times may get.

Daddy, "peasetankyouwelcome", really thank you for loving me like you do.
Happy birthday Daddy - I love you to the moon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In her 20s

She's hit the best time of her toddlerhood....

The 20s...

Can you believe Bug is 20 months old?

Doesn't it feel like yesterday when she first came into our lives, blog friends?

Where did the time go?

I'm thoroughly convinced God makes time go by faster when you have kids because as a kid all you wanted was for time to hurry up.

So, God makes time "hurry up" when you want time to slow down.

Because then, it allows us to teach lessons that start with, "Don't try to speed up your growing up. You'll be growing up and grown up before you know it..."

She's in her 20s.

And she is so fun, so challenging, so ridiculous, so funny, so much better than I prayed for when I prayed for a kid.

She's the epitome of joy and of life. Her laughter is contagious. It radiates through our home and brightens up every room. She laughs about everything and anything.

There are only a few moments of my day where there's silence. Iz talks - some gibberish - but mostly "real" words.

She sings.

And her songs would put any Grammy artist to shame.

Her tiny voice as she belts out "God our Faaaather," The Barney Song, the original "Elmo, Elmo", etc etc are sounds that make my heart swell with pride.

Craig looks at her and asks her if she'll stay this size forever. Joking, of course. But, sometimes it's almost like a plea. Our way of asking her to be this little human that makes our lives better forever. But, she'll look at us - with sticky hands, Monkey in one arm, barefoot, with her round toddler tummy - and simply say "No." Some may say it's because "No" is the vocabulary of all toddlers but I'm pretty sure she's just putting me and Craig in our place - reminding us - this time is fleeting.

So, we thank God for the story times, thank Him for the tantrums, thank God for the days without silence, and thank God for the moments of silence as we watch her sleep.

So fast.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

My very special Valentines

I'm not a big fan of the holiday.

But, for my business - which is cake truffles, cake balls, cake goodness - it's good.

Very good.

So good that I worked 40 hours in 2.5 days.


So to say that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was to sit at home and do nothing is an understatement.

But when you have a 20 month old (whoa...when did she hit her 20s???), sitting around doing nothing is just not in the cards.

Iz had a special Daddy Valentine lunch at MDO. I was crushed when the teacher told me that the day of love would be reserved for Daddy or the equivalent of a Dad. I mean - what about Mommy? But, I wasn't about to stage a coup so I just let it be.

Craig went into work for a couple of hours and headed to her school.

As the morning went on, all I could think about were my two sweet Valentine's having lunch, playing at school, and making memories.

I rushed home from work to get home so I could be home when Iz left MDO.

I heard the door open as I was doing Valentine's chores (you know - giving love to the laundry, the floors, etc) and heard a little voice yell, "Keeiiiisssseeerrr (aka Keiser our boy dog)! Daaaaiidddyy (aka Daisy our girl dog) where are you??"

I saw my littlest Valentine - hair messed up, clutching her sippy cup, and ready to make a mess in the house I just cleaned - smile when she saw me. She yelled ,"Mommmmmy!" and ran up to me.

Ugh - crushes my heart. Truly - that simple act crushes me. Like a good physical pain - emotions that are all sorts of gigantic that it feels like my heart is exploding.

So, instead of an afternoon of doing nothing - we went for a family walk, read books, colored, played on the slide, watch Gabba, shed tears, pulled on dogs tails, had a dinner where the main course was ketchup, took a bath with squeaky friends, cried during the tooth brushing, said our prayers, and finally went night-night.

Best Valentine's Day Ever.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

I'm Asian - or more specific - and Asian Pacific Islander.

Notice - "ISLANDER."

Like - on an island, surrounded in water, with the sun beating down and a cold front is considered 70 degrees.


I was NOT born to endure Snowmageddon 2011.

True to Texas weather - we had an amazing weekend about 6 days ago. We took a family walk in 70 degree weather in shorts and t-shirts.

And today - 6 days to present - I am looking outside my window to about 5 inches of snow on the ground (about 2 inches has melted away) to 20 degree weather.

It started on Tuesday with an ice storm in the middle of the night - that started out as rain - and as the temp dropped about 15 degrees in 30 minutes - and the rain quickly turned to ice.

DFW shut down, Craig's worked closed, and we all hung out at home.

So fun.

Then the next day - Wednesday - was not much better. Craig worked from home, I stayed at home again, and Iz hung out with us.

Cabin fever.

But, Thursday, we had to go to work and brave the streets. It was crazy. Ice skating rink - aka - highways - was treacherous. But, we braved them and by the Grace of God - we got home safely.

Everyone was ready for the sun to be up and stay up and melt the ice away.


Friday early morning - the snow hit. White, fluffy, snow. It'd be great if we hadn't been iced in for 3 days. And...I had to work. Bummer.

But, Craig stayed home today with Iz while I worked and all I could think about was:
1 - getting home safely to my kid
2 - seeing Iz experience snow now that she's big enough to really run around and enjoy it.

I got home around 4 pm and Craig and Iz had already started in on the fun. Iz didn't want to keep anything on her hands so gloves were out of the question. She didn't like the way the snow felt and she didn't like the snow messing up her boots.

She's all about her shoes. That's my girl.

Thankful for days snowed in so I could spend with my family. Thankful for safe travels as I worked. Thankful for snow and for the memories of Snowmageddon 2011 - no matter how Asian I am.

What a blessing!

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