Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Top o' the mornin' to ya!"

No...that's not right.

"G'day mate."

No...that's not it either.


Hmmm...that isn't it.



Home of Fergie's "London Bridge," stomping grounds of the entertainment elite such as Gwyneth and Madonna, memorable place where the quote "I, Ross take you Rachel..." will always be in our hearts...

Craig and I are going to London and Paris December 4 - you guys are wondering why? Why are you guys going when you have med school tests to worry about? Why are you guys going when you are about to make life changing moves?

Well...that's WHY! We thought if we don't go now...on this vacay we have dreamed about...we don't know when there would be a "good time." We have used school and work to make excuses for why we weren't living our the help of frequent flyer miles...Craig and I are headed to the UK!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I do not heart NY

I don't know what it is. I have been to to New York so many times...this past time was my 7th time to visit. I normally have lots of XOXO for the Big Apple...but this time around...the lurrvve just wasn't there....
...probably because Craig and I were looking at places to live...for clinicals.

One thing I realized and was very clear - NYC is not for us. We talked about it and decided that we would pray for other options for clinicals. We're thinking Atlanta but just letting God lead us.

Lots of things to decide...hmmmm...probably means I should get really studying for this test I have coming up in a month.

Things I do heart about NY:
1. The Little Mermaid on Broadway - FREAKING awesome!!
2. Subways - loved going all over the place and not having to drive
3. FOOD - everywhere you look - there's a restaurant, a food stall, a pizza place (sigh!)
4. Diversity - the people may be pushy and rude at times - but the conglomeration of peeps in NYC is great. Living in the Lone Star State...there is little diversity and it was nice to see America's melting pot.
5. Shopping - who says the Louis Vuitton purse on the corner of 7th and Broadway coming out of the trunk of the car ISN'T real?
6. The Rockettes - I had never been to this show and it is mainly for kids...but I am a big kid at heart. Craig looked at me and said I looked just as awestruck as the 7 year olds behind me :-)
7. Late night meals - this is the town where late night meals is OK - so what if I put on 3 lbs because I ate chocolate cake at 10 PM?
8. Celebrities - I saw but did not have the courage to approach for an autograph or pic - Mike Meyers, the guy from American Pie who wanted to do Stifflers mom, the blonde lady from Third Rock from the Sun
9. Immigrant history - Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, and The Tenenment Museum really allow you to see how so many people came to America to give a better life to their kids
10. Know I get to leave NYC and get back to TEXAS!!

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