Sunday, September 28, 2008

Egypt is in Ohio...Geography vs Czarina

Thought I'd get your attention...Seeing if anyone really read this thing...Just curious....

Even if you don't - I'm still going to blog because it's therapeutic for me.

I thought I could give up blogging because I am always studying but then I realized I am giving up so much of what I love because I am studying. So, I am going to blog for 15 minutes a night - if I remember to do so.

Adeline is a faithful reader and she just started a visit her! Just thought I'd give a shout out to my Belgian friend..belgian waffles rock!

I think geography is kind of silly. Seriously, maps are invented for the purpose of telling us where to go and Mapquest would be out of a job if everyone knew where everything was.

I am rambling because I am tired...I think I hate geography because I am really bad at it.

My husband loves to give me a city and I have to guess the state it belongs to. He loves it because I am 90% WRONG....geography just isn't my forte. ask me about illegal substances that help burn fat and how it affects your mitochondria...I'm your girl...

Conversation between me and husband:
Craig: "Where's Boston?"
Me: It's in a state that starts with and "M" right?
Craig: is it?
Me: That's easy...Maine! Boston's in Maine!
Craig: [looking really sad and laughing at the same time] nope...Masachusettes...ok...what about London...where is London...
Me: [looking at him like he's RIDICULOUS and I have the look of victory on my face] ...." can't trick me...London is a country!"
Craig: [an expression of utter disappointment] is in ENGLAND!
Me: Oh yeah....

Geography 1 : Czarina 0

Friday, September 26, 2008

"My nipple looks like ham..."

That quote is straight from our new momma Keough....

Ok - so I told you November....but if you have been checking my blog in case I was going to update lucked out!

I know only 3 people read it - so spread the word that I am back..sorta...

I just wanted to share with you guys that one of my best friends gave birth to her baby girl!
Charleigh Ray Keough was born this morning, September 26th. She weighed 6 lbs 11oz and is 19 inches long!

Her mommy is Stacy - one of my best friends. God placed Stacy in my life later than most of my closest friends. We met about 3 years ago but have formed a lifelong friendship. Even though we have been apart because of school - our friendship always picks up right where it left off - now that's a great friendship!

Here's the sweet jelly bean!
CONGRATS Stacy and Joe! I love ya'll!


When I come back full time to blogging, here's a list of things I want to blog about.

1. My ultimatum with God
2. How David Blaine and I are a lot alike.
3. Why medical school is the Devil
4. The sexiest time between husband and wife
5. Diet and exercise philosophy 101

Jut a little taste to keep you interested. Check back every now and then and hopefully I'll have blogged a little more!

What a blessing!

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