Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Way to go Rangers! **written way before the World Series**

**The fact that I haven't been able to get pictures off my camera makes this post kind of - meh**
You know when photographers take pictures on wedding days, they are always trying to capture the moment.

You know - THE moment.

I think THE moment that is so powerful is when the groom sees his bride for the very first time.

THE moment when those doors swing open, he sees his life begin for the very first time, and the moment is captured with a single "click" of the camera.

I had a moment - a THE moment last Friday.

I am kind of crazy about my husband. Disgustingly so. Ask anyone who is friends with me has probably rolled their eyes at the nice things I say about him, have gagged at the inappropriate stories I've shared, and wanted to "de-friend" me in real life - not just Facebook life.

He comes from a weird family. Weird meaning - small.

I come from a typical Filipino family - which means siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles...the whole enchilada.

His family is tiny. Just him, his parents and brother. An aunt that never married. No cousins. me.

Normal to his family is pretty tight.

Him and his Dad are two peas in a pod. They are so similar it's funny. Total sports nuts. And that bond of sports is something that he grew up with. Throwing the baseball around, kicking around the soccer ball...and Rangers baseball.

Craig remembers going to Ranger games when he was still just a young buck (show us d'em Antlers!) with his Dad and brother.

He remembers talking Rangers baseball - spouting out names that are unfamiliar to me. He remembers the Nolan Ryan no hitter and seeing it with his Dad.

Even now, Craig, his Dad and brother travel once a year to different ball park to watch the Rangers play. A dude's trip.

So cool.

So last Friday.

The Rangers came back to Dallas for the 6th game of ALCS. If they won this, they would win the Pennant and go to the World Series.

It was time.

A perfect storm had brought the game back to Texas and I was so excited that Craig was going to watch it with his Dad and brother at his parent's house.

Enter in MY Dad.
My Dad is probably the MOST giving person on the planet. He's like a magician - he makes things happen out of thin air. He tries to do everything in his power to make his family happy.

Craig is my family. So, my Dad wanted a way to make him happy.

So he got tickets to the game.

THE game.

The historical game that would send our Texas Rangers to the World Series.

A game that so many in Dallas have waited for.

A win that so many - like Craig and his Dad - have waited for. For over 30 was time.

I was over the moon telling Craig that my Dad got 6 tickets for all of us to go to the game.

He was so excited. Giddy.

Let's rewind a few months back.

My father in law fell ill suddenly and had to have surgery to clear an artery that was blocked. An artery that was so blocked the doctor was amazed he was still functioning.

To Craig, that was a moment he'd never forget. A moment where he gave thanks that they caught the blockage in time.

And now...this moment. This moment where he knew seeing his Texas Rangers play a game to win the Pennant - with his Dad - who is living and breathing with us today. Healthy as a horse.

So, remember THE moment.

I got it.

It was the top of the 9th. Rangers were up 6 -2 on them Damn Yankees.

Feliz had 2 outs under his belt and he was getting ready to strike out A-Rod.

And then he did it.


Out 3...

The Rangers were going to the WORLD SERIES!

And I "clicked" the camera.

I got THE moment. The moment where the final out was made, Craig, his brother and his Dad, the Hounsel men, making a memory and sharing history.

I got choked up. Because I knew what this moment meant to Craig. I knew it wasn't just about baseball but about him and his Dad getting to store this moment in the good memory file.

Way to go Rangers. Way to go...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries: Parent Edition

10. How do you start off with 12 socks, 6 pairs total, and end up with only 9 socks at the end of a laundry cycle?

9. Why does the dog food, dirt, rock, mystery substance make it into my kid's mouth more often than a nutritious piece of food?

8. How does laundry multiply itself at its exponential rate?

7. How am I going to explain to my child that her middle name is not "No"?

6. Why do I feel so much guilt at being a working mom?

5. Why did I feel so much guilt when I was a stay at home mom?

4. How does my child find the sippy cups that have been missing for days and why does she think drinking the cottage cheese milk is a good thing?

3. How come when you brag about something your kid does - he/she does the exact opposite the next time around - like NOT sleeping at nap, or not getting sick?

2. Who is she talking to? Because she talks all day in a language I just don't get...

1. How did God make belly laughs the best thing since Blue Bell Ice Cream? Because, dang it...they are.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm not a quitter just a not a do-er

BB #10 was moved since we had sick kiddos to attend to.

Sick kids are sad.

A Thursday without BB is like the Brad and Jen split (wow - talk about dated material) - just plain wrong.

But, good ole Jodie moved our BB session to the following Sunday - the Lord's Day.

With both BB sessions (the 6am session and my 9:30 am classes) joined together, all of us prayed together that we would make it through the grueling session. Ok - not really prayed - but a lot of us were saying things like "Oh my God - this hurts." or "Holy crap..."

Then at BB #11 - Tuesday - I didn't go to my normal 9:30am session. And the thing about BB is that you get to know the women in those sessions and during the class we are all supporting each other, cheering for each other, encouraging one another. But, because work has given me more than I can handle, I had to switch to the 6am session in order for me to get a full day of work in.

I wake up at 3am on Tuesday because I didn't want to be late...
I walked into the class at 5:45am ready to work out. Or more like...trying to wake up, trying to figure out how I was going to exercise with only a cup of coffee in my system (I couldn't stomach eating a meal at 5am...unless that 5am meal was prefaced with a night at the bar and was at Whataburger eating a taquito).

Jodie ain't playin'. She doesn't care that the rooster hadn't even cock-a-doodle-dooed or that my Java jolt hadn't zapped my system. It was still hard. So, like Sunday's session, I prayed to God again with the ritualistic prayer of "Oh my God...this is hard" and "Dear God this hurts..."

Fast forward to Thursday BB #12.

I didn't go.

Not because I didn't want to. My parents needed a ride to the airport at 6am for a trip to Estonia.

Ok - now that sounds sketchy and kind of like I'm making it up.

But, really, my parent's had a 9am flight to Finland for a wedding that they were attending for my Godfather's (not THE Godfather..."Monday, Tuesday, Thursday...." - sorry a lot of you won't get that...ask your hubbies...") daughter who's fiance is from Estonia.

Still sounds fake.

But REALLY, they called me and asked if I would take them to the airport, so I did.

And since I missed BB #12, I decided to work from 7am - 6pm - on my feet, lifting 50 lb bowls of cake batter, 50 lb bags of sugar...ok I didn't really choose the 11 work day - it kind of just happened.

So, today, I am going to work out. Try to push myself as hard as Drill Sargent does. Work really hard....

Then go to wine night with girlfriends...

BB #13 on Tuesday is going to be ugly.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Safe and sound

"Look y

You know when you have one of those days, the kind at the end of it, you just stop and smile and can't help but think, "Man - now that was a great day."

And you just want to store that memory in your mind and keep it safe and sound for all the days of your life. And you want to keep that memory as shiny and fresh as possible so you can play it back in your mind over and over and over again.

Because that day was just THAT good?

I've had lots of "safe and sound" days lately.

What a blessing, huh?

Last weekend, the hubs and I took Iz to the zoo for the first time. I had never been to the Ft. Worth Zoo so I - er - I mean Iz - was really excited ;-)

This was also the first "toddler" outing besides going to restaurant and eating at lightening fast pace or a day running errands.

It was a day truly for her.

It was great. She loved the animals. I loved seeing her get excited about the lions, and tigers and bears...oh my.

The only animal she really knows and recognizes very well is a monkey. But, in toddler comes out "Muh-ney or mom-mey." So, every animal she saw to her turned into a "Mom-mey."

So, even when she was excitedly pointing to the elephants and the rhinos and the big, fat would come out as "Mom-mey!"

Way to give a Mommy a complex ;-)

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Complete with cool temps in the 70s, sunshine, and no tantrums.

So much excitement on this little face! Love her!!

Then we had a birthday party for my niece the next day. And when you drive up to a house and see a giant, blue whale masquerading as an awesome bounce house - you know on the spot it's going to be fun. Super, duper fun.

We ended the birthday party with a family supper outside - with a bottle of wine and the absence of whine. So great.

Fast forward a few days and enter in a day that is filled with corn dogs, lemonade, petting zoo, and Big Tex.

And that was our Friday.

A Friday at the Texas State Fair is like a corn dog. The thought of it is kind of gross (I mean come on...chicken fried bacon and fried beer) but you know you're going to love it because it's a rite of passage as a Texan.

And yes...corn dogs are rites of passage. Don't mess with the sacredness of a hot dog, dipped in corn meal batter and fried.

But, we had to make sure Iz experienced the fair since she is a Texan. She was most interested in running around and making us have heart attacks as she wandered and ran in the crowd. But she loved the fountains, laughed at the dog show and had a close encounter with creatures of the wild at the petting zoo.

We ended our day with a corn dog and lemonade. It was absolutely necessary. Actually, there's a law that states you have to eat at least one fried item at the Texas State Fair. Really - it's article 03483098398320.90493

Then, I had some fun without Iz. The hubs and I donned our Red and Black and left the kid with my aunt (God bless her for watching Iz for 9 hours....) to go the Tech game in Dallas with my family and the Texas State Fair! Woo hoo! The fair for a second less than 24 hours.

We tailgated with mimosas, Madelines, croissants, donuts, muffins, bagels, Blue Moons, bagels, and pumpkin flavored beer.

Wow...what a long way from the college days of tailgates (Lone Star beer and Altoids - you know- to cover up the beer smell).

I got to hang with my "mom" friends who are Red Raiders and one who we are brainwashing into loving Tech as much as us! I can't tell you how much I appreciate and cherish that friendship with these women. Really - when you can transition away from the kids and have a normal, fun, easy going, sincere, real and genuine good time - you have to be thankful for that. Because those kind of friendships are keepers.

After the longest game in the history of games, lots of yelling, sunburns, more corndogs, and a Fried Frito Pie (remember the Texas Law about eating a fried food at the it was kind of out of my hands...) I had another day and more memories to keep "safe and sound."

I know right? Pretty great couple of weeks.




Wednesday, October 6, 2010

BB#9 (kind of)

BB started with a one on one with Drill Master Sargent Jodie.

We started to talk about my goals and expectations for the last 4 weeks of class.

I was ready to start with my speech of wanting to be healthy, wanting to maintain my weight and really focus on my inner me - blah, blah, blah.

But she veered away from the workouts and scales and said, "I know how much of a commitment it is for you to be here - especially with your business. And I think it's awesome what you're doing with Zen."

Then I cried.

Not from the "chair pose," or stairs, or reverse pull ups, or planks.

I had a mini break down.

There's always that green grass.

The one I stared at when I was a stay at home mom. The other side of the fence where I would watch Mom's work away from home, have "me" time at their desk, be apart from the ankle biter that would consume their day. The other side of the fence where those mom's got to drop off their kids - drive away - and leave the crying, pooping thing for hours - and be around adults.
I secretly envied that. The time away.

And now I'm away a lot.

I have friend who just quit her job to be a stay at home mom pretty much at the same time I started to really put hours in for Zen Baking Company. My gut turned inside out. I felt like I was doing the wrong thing - leaving Iz to go back to work.
The problem here - is that as much stress as starting a business is - I remember once upon a time - I would dream about owning my own bakery. And now I'm making the dream happen.

But dreams take a lot more work than I ever thought possible.

Now, I'm looking over the fence again. At the greener grass of my stay at home mom friends with endless amounts of time with their kids, envious that they get to "sit" around all day (BWAHAHA!), sad that I miss out on the daily playdates, mom's outings...

I've been on both sides now. You always want the other, don't you?

Fence 1 - Can't wait to be around adults and back at work and time for just you - away for the kid.

Fence 2- Wishing I was just at home, with my kid, my dogs, and my simple stay at home life.

I love my kid. I love her down to the core of who I am. I love her so much it hurts to the point that tears start to well up in my eyes.

I also love this opportunity I'm getting with Zen. Love that I took that leap - away from the person I was expected to be to the person I dreamed I could become.

Both sides of the fence are so different. And I know that working away from my kid means missing her sweet chubby face and her sticky little hands. And I also know from being at home missing the sweet, sweet goodness of time - alone - with my own thoughts.

Enter in Body Back.

Supposed to be about getting in shape.

But, Jodie has become my counselor. She's asked me to give 70% to the program - not even asking 100% like she does from the others.

She knows I'm stretched like Gumby and unfortunately - saw me snap and break. No judgements, just hugs and encouragement. From one mom to another.

That's what I got.

That's what it's about.

About mom's learning to get back to who they are and who they want to be. And doing so by strengthing your body, mind and spirit around others who are just like you - moms.

With the help of a Drill Master...Softey.

What a blessing!

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